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Experienced Home Inspector in Norristown, PA

Arising Home Inspection is the leading home inspection company in Norristown, PA. We offer premium home inspection services that are guaranteed to identify any problems you need to be aware of. Whether you are buying or selling a home in Norristown, PA, you need the services of an expert home inspector to uncover anything that could become a costly issue in the future.

What Is Included in a Home Inspection?

When you schedule a home inspection from Arising Home Inspection in Plymouth Meeting, PA, your home inspector will evaluate all the following areas of the home:

  • Roofing

  • Foundation

  • Insulation and ventilation in the attic space

  • Walls

  • Flooring

  • Electrical wiring

  • Plumbing

  • Potential mold problems

  • & More


We aim to deliver your fully detailed written report of all our findings from your home inspection at your Plymouth Meeting, PA home within two days. We understand the complexity of the real estate process and know that it is governed by set timeframes that must be adhered to, which is why we strive to deliver as quickly as possible.

If you are selling your home, a seller’s home inspection is key. While everything in your home may appear perfect, you need to check for issues beneath the surface. Rather than have these problems uncovered during the selling process, it’s better to be proactive, finding them first and repairing them before listing the property.

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When considering homes for sale in Plymouth Meeting, PA, it’s essential to have a buyer’s home inspection completed. We’ll send one of our expert home inspectors to the property to complete a thorough home inspection, finding anything that could be problematic or costly for you in the future. You never want to complete the purchase of a home without having an inspection completed.

We Provide Buyer’s & Seller’s Home Inspections

For the best home inspection in Lansdale, PA, rely on Arising Home Inspection. Our primary focus is on providing the best service to all our customers, identifying any problems that will cost them money and severe complications in the future.

If you need a home inspection in Norristown or Plymouth Meeting, PA, choose a company you can rely on for accurate results and high integrity. For all your home inspection needs, call Arising Home Inspection at (267) 410-HOME to schedule your inspection.

What Problems Might We Find on a Home Inspection?

During a home inspection in Norristown, PA, various issues might come to light. A common concern is water damage, which can originate from leaky roofs or poor drainage, potentially leading to mold growth and impacting the home's structural integrity. In areas like Plymouth Meeting, PA, where the housing stock might be older, it's not uncommon for electrical systems to be outdated, posing potential safety risks. Another frequent finding in Norristown, PA inspections is issues with the HVAC system, which could lead to inefficient heating or cooling and higher utility bills.


Sometimes, foundational problems or issues with the home's insulation can be discovered, particularly in homes that haven't been updated or maintained regularly. A home inspection in Pottstown, PA, for instance, might reveal pest infestations, such as termites, that could compromise the woodwork and foundation of a property. Faulty plumbing, leading to potential water wastage or damage, is another concern that inspectors frequently note.

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